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Alex Chilton: High Priest/Black List - Hilfe

Alex Chilton - High Priest/Black List

Cover von High Priest/Black List
Alex Chilton
High Priest/Black List

Label Last Call
Erstveröffentlichung 01.04.2004
Format DoCD
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Zwei Alben von Ende der 80er auf einer CD. Neben einigen eigenen Songs covert Chilton dabei Rock`n´Roll- und Blues-Songs. Begleitet wird er dabei von einer Band mit gut abgehangenen Memphis Cats.


1987þs High Priest was Alex Chiltonþs first full-length studio album since the fascinatingly disastrous Like Flies on Sherbert in 1979. While it certainly wasnþt the return to pure-pop form some fans were hoping for from the former leader of Big Star, it at least showed Chilton to be in firm command of his faculties again, and fronting a solid band of Memphis/New Orleans studio heavyweights. High Priest boasted only four original songs from Chilton, the best being the mildly sleazy "Thing for You" (though the just-plain-weird "Dalai Lama" has a certain perverse charm), but he dug up a handful of worthwhile covers, including the good-and-greasy "Make a Little Love" and a fine, obscure Carole King number, "Let Me Get Close to You." While Chiltonþs vocals betray a certain inscrutable irony, heþs in fine voice throughout, and his wildly underrated guitar work is very much in evidence. (Mark Deming)

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