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Replacements: Let It Be - Hilfe

Replacements - Let It Be

Cover von Let It Be
Let It Be

Erstveröffentlichung 01.09.2002
Format CD
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Der 4. Streich von 1984. Die Roughness ist hier ein wenig kanalisiert, aber beileibe nicht weggeschminkt. Ausgereiftes Songwriting von Westerberg und Co. Greg Calbi hat dieses – wie auch die anderen Alben sorgfältig remastered.


“…the record explodes into a series of pseudo-hardcore ravers before hitting Paul Westerbergþs piano-driven rumination, "Androgynous," one of four major ballads that cuts to the core of midwestern suburban alienation. "Sixteen Blue" is one of the definitive teenage anthems of the þ80s, while "Unsatisfied" rages in despair and Westerberg rarely was more affecting than the solo performance of "Answering Machine." All four, along with "I Will Dare," form the core of Westerberg and the Replacementsþ canon, and are enough to make Let It Be a cornerstone post-punk album...“ (All Music Guide)

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