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Streets - Original Pirate Material

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Original Pirate Material

Erstveröffentlichung 01.07.2002
Format CD
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Ein Typ, der mit seiner Energie, mit seinen Texten im flachsten Cockney vorgetragen, die gleich klar machen, wo er herkommt und über was er singt, spricht, schreit.... mal in Rap und Ragga, mal als MC, in Poetry und irgendwie in Rock. Mike Skinner heißt der Betreiber von The Streets. Als 23-jähriger Brite aus Birmingham hat er das Grau der Industriestadt verinnerlicht, aber auch die Solidarität der Straße und wie man sich die Zeit vertreibt. Die vertreibt man sich mit Musik, und wenn man ein guter Beobachter ist, der dazu in der Lage ist, seine Einsichten in Worte zu fassen und mit einem modernen und doch erdigen und energiegeladenen Sound zu umwickeln, dann kommt dabei etwas zustande, das Kritiker gewöhnlich dazu verleitet, die ganz großen Namen zum Vergleich heranzuziehen. Der All Music Guide zum Beispiel „dropped“ im Zusammenhang die Namen von den Kinks, Jam, Ian Dury, Happy Mondays oder den Specials. Hier ist aber keine Kopie dieser Muster gemeint, sondern eher ein vermitteltes Gefühl, der „Cockney Rebel“ macht seine ganz eigene Musik dazu.


“It appears that many of those who have faced the challenge of reviewing this album are in agreement that word count is a real bind. There is just too much to say. In fact, a small look could, and probably will, be written examining what The Streets has achieved with the execution of Original Pirate Material. It could be argued that not since Never Mind The Bollocks... has there been a record that has said as much about being young and living in the UK. Moreover, what makes this album even more remarkable is that it is the work of a one unassuming 22 year old, namely Mike Skinner. Despite an early passion for hip hop and house Mike was never embroiled in the Londonþs pirate radio scene, in fact he was working in Australia when the UK garage cemented its position in the mainstream. Perhaps it is this cultural and geographical distance that has kept Skinnerþs musical slate clean and allowed him to forge this unique þhigh riseþ style. Ska, dub, house, drum and bass, hip hop and UK garage have all been thrown in to The Streetsþ sampler for processing and rearrangement. When combined with his vocal delivery the results are mesmerising - not quite hip hop, not quite an MC and not quite slam poetry but somewhere in between. Heþs engaged, enlightened and writes with a degree of insight that is humorous, heart-wrenching, humbling and worthy of so much more than this little review. By his own admission Original Pirate Material is the "day in the life of a geezer" yet amongst the bitter sweet, inner city anecdotes of drugs, violence, playing computer games, trips to the garage and going clubbing, Mikeþs best punches are pulled when he is at his most sensitive. In "Weak Become Heroes" he muses "Itþs easy, no one blames you, itþs that world out there thatþs f*cked! & youþre no less of a person and if God exists he still loves you, just remember that". In "Has It Come To This" he announces, "The musicþs a gift from the man on high, the lord and his children". More of these gems are revealed with successive listens and it is clear as the title in "Letþs Push Things Forward" suggests Mike is on a mission. In the years to come if youþre ever asked what it was like being young at the start of the twenty first century you could do a lot worse than dig this album out of your collection provided, of course, youþve taken it out of your CD player. Genius.“ (BBC 1)

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