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Rare Earth - Ma

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Rare Earth

Label Motown
Erstveröffentlichung 01.01.2000
Format CD
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1973. Whitfield brachte auch den bärtigen Weißbroten auf Motown den psychedelischen Monster-Groove bei: Highlights sind Big John Is My Name, Hum Along And Dance und natürlich der epische Titelsong (17 Minuten), alles auch von Whitfield geschrieben


Rare Earth get some super-heavy help on this set from Norman Whitfield -- who wrote all the tracks for the record, and produced the whole thing with a thundering intensity to match his best work with The Temptations! Given Rare Earthþs more rock-styled bent, the soundþs a bit different here -- but the record has an undeniably soulful quality that really makes it stand out -- even amongst other excellent early work by the group. Titles include the super-extended jammer "Ma", which runs for over 17 minutes in length -- plus great versions of "Hum Along & Dance", "Smiling Faces Sometimes", and "Big John Is My Name".