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Blur: The Great Escape - Hilfe

Blur - The Great Escape

Cover von The Great Escape
The Great Escape

Erstveröffentlichung 01.09.2001
Format CD
Lieferzeit 1 – 8 Werktage
Preis 13,95 € (inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Album von 1995. Der AMG verteilt 4 1/2 Sternchen. Beim Hören des Albums könnten einem die Tränen kommen angesichts der Blur Situation 2001. Zerstritten und weit weg von der Kompakt-Klasse der frühen Alben und dann auch noch in hippe Wegwerfprojekte wie die Gorillaz (Damon Albarn) verstrickt.


“In the simplest terms, The Great Escape is the flipside of Parklife. Where Blurþs breakthrough album was a celebration of the working class, drawing on British pop from the þ60s and reaching through the þ80s, The Great Escape concentrates on the suburbs, featuring a cast of characters all trying to cope with the numbing pressures of modern life. Consequently, itþs darker than Parklife, even if the melancholia is hidden underneath the crisp production and catchy melodies. Even the bright, infectious numbers on The Great Escape have gloomy subtexts, whether itþs the disillusioned millionaire of "Country House," and the sycophant of "Charmless Man," or the bleak loneliness of "Globe Alone" and "Entertain Me." Naturally, the slower numbers are even more despairing, with the acoustic "Best Days," the lush, sweeping strings of "The Universal" and the stark, moving electronic ballad "Yuko and Hiro" ranking as the most affecting work Blur has ever recorded. However, none of this makes The Great Escape a burden or a difficult album. The music bristles with invention throughout, as Blur delves deeper into experimentation with synthesizers, horns and string

guitarist Graham Coxon twists out unusual chords and lead lines, and Damon Albarn spits out unexpected lyrical couplets filled with wit and venemous intelligence in each song. But Blurþs most remarkable accomplishment is that it can reference the past -- the Scott Walker homage of ûûThe Universal,ûû the Terry Hall/Fun Boy Three cop on ûûTop Man,ûû the skittish, XTC-flavored pop of ûûIt Could Be You,ûû and Albarnþs devotion to Ray Davies -- while still moving forward, creating a vibrant, invigorating record.”(All Music Guide)
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