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The Who - A Quick One (rem.)

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The Who
A Quick One (rem.)

Erstveröffentlichung 01.01.2000
Format CD
Leider nicht verfügbar.

Remasterter Reissue des `66er Albums, ausgepolstert mit vielen Bonustracks.


“Following the good works done with Live At Leeds, this pair continues the process of fleshing out The Whoþs catalogue albums with contemporary outtakes, alternatives and oddities. The main addition to 1966þs A Quick One is most of the 1965 Ready Steady Who EP, with the irksome omission of Circles, compensated for with an excellent, acoustic Happy Jack, and five others, bringing the whole affair to just under an hour. Sell Out, with nine extras, runs to a solid 71 minutes and the pirate radio concept is extended with additional adverts. Thereþs a ludicrous stagger through The Hall Of The Mountain King, presumably included for laffs, but most of the outtakes would easily have made it to the final vinyl for just about any other band. If you already own the Thirty Years Of Maximum R& B Box set, however, think twice before snapping up Sell Out because much of it has already seen the light of day in that set.” (Q. 4/5)

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