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Pere Ubu - Folly Of Youth

Cover von Folly Of Youth
Pere Ubu
Folly Of Youth

Erstveröffentlichung 01.01.2000
Format CD
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CD mit Multimediateil.


Multisession CD, incorporates both standard audio tracks plus computer multimedia. Programmed by David Thomas.
Or, "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ubu (But Were Afraid to Ask)." A computer-interactive CD-plus release, Folly of Youth goes way beyond the usual bonus cuts, band member bios and photos that round out such multimedia releases, opting instead to include financial and business-related material on the band, including their tax returns. Also featured are two short films, "Story of Ubu" and "Ray Gun Suitcase" (the name of the album from which the single "Folly of Youth" is drawn), as well as lyrics, a discography and bits of animation. By the way, thereþs music here too: the title track, a long jam called "Ball nþ Chain," and a pair of demos, "Memphis" and "Down By the River II."

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