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Violent Femmes: Why Do Birds Sing? - Hilfe

Violent Femmes - Why Do Birds Sing?

Cover von Why Do Birds Sing?
Violent Femmes
Why Do Birds Sing?

Erstveröffentlichung 01.05.2000
Format CD
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„Violent Femmes took their sabbatical after 1986þs Blind Leading The Naked for singer Gordon Gano to indulge his gospel fetish on his part-time group The Mercy Seatþs self-titled album and bassist Brian Ritchie to make a weird guitar virtuoso album. Back from their native Wisconsin, itþs no real surprise to discover the Violent Femmes delights are still intact: Gordon Ganoþs plaintive whine, lyrics which are just the dark side of kooky, oddly genuine-sounding religious fervour (Have mercy on me! squeals Gordon Gano on Girl Trouble which proceeds to take a turn for the unmercifully sordid), and delightfully catchy, if basic, songs. Thereþs even a version (played straight, as is everything Violent Femmes) of Culture Clubþs Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? right alongside the vicious Look Like That and the worrying Nonny. Money peevishly paints a picture of a pop world where Iþll make more money tonight that youþve ever dreamed of... if you are lucky Iþll come and play in your city tonight and you can come and see me if youþve got the money. Violent Femmes are all the more entertaining because itþs nigh on impossible to see the join between satire, cynicism and plain nastiness.” (Q)

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