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Clash: Clash On Broadway - Hilfe

Clash - Clash On Broadway

Cover von Clash On Broadway
Clash On Broadway

Erstveröffentlichung 01.04.2000
Format 3CD
Leider nicht verfügbar.

3-CD-Box auf Columbia Legacy, jetzt wiederveröffentlicht. Nicht mehr in der Longbox-Version von 1991, sondern im dicken Jewel-Case mit Extra-Booklet im Pappschuber, dafür wurden die 63 Tracks digital remastered. Und preiswerter ist sie auch.


“...buying it is your only sensible course of action. These 64 songs spread across 3 CDs represent the finest body of work a British band has left since The Beatles... Perfect. The best boxset in the world ... ever!!” (Melody Maker. 5 out of 5 stars)
“Here, we travel from a 1977 demo of Janie Jones to the unedited version of Straight To Hell, via a couple of lvie tracks, admirably chunky album excerpts (there are, for example, 12 songs from London Calling alone), and a smattering of B-sides and out-takes – most notably a decidedly un-punk Mick Jones weeping his way through the soul standard Every Little Bit Hurts in 1980. The packaging is no less luxurious. Put together by sometime Clash accomplice Kosmo Vinyl, it contains a brilliant oral history of teh group, along with a reprint of an on-the-road piece by rock journo icon Lester Bangs. Reading such stuff while tracking The Clash´s brain-rattling musical development is about as good as record consumption gets.” (Q. 5 out of 5 stars)

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8LP Box-Set
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