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Mark Lanegan: The Winding Sheet - Hilfe

Mark Lanegan - The Winding Sheet

Cover von The Winding Sheet
Mark Lanegan
The Winding Sheet

Label Glitterhouse Records
Erstveröffentlichung 01.01.2000
Format CD
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Ich habe mir den Mund schon fusselig geredet über die einsame Klasse dieser Singer/ Songwriter-Platte. Lanegan´s Stimme zieht dir die Haut in Streifen vom Rücken, dazu haben Mike Johnson und diverse Seattle Größen ein Backing hingezaubert, wie es nicht zu überbieten ist. Auf einem Stück spielt Kurt Cobain Gitarre und das ist Seele/Blues pur. Ein karges Album, voller Resignation und großer Gefühle, eingebettet in ruhige, tränenziehende Arrangements. Eine Insel-Singer/Songwriterplatte. Sein Debüt.


“You know who this is, or rather you thought you did: the Screaming Trees vocalist/guitarist sheds the psychotronic, paisley-tinted foliage of said rock outfit for a dive into the cold realities of everyday rock-bottom heartbreak. His depiction of such is about as stunning in impact as it is in dissimilarity to the Trees. The bounty of instrumentation is about as dense as a Tree LP. but the effect here is much starker and weþre going to quit the comparisons right now, since the acoustic guitar-based, electric guitar-augmented. light-on-percussion featherbed of misery is a galaxy wholly removed. The achingly mournful tone of Laneganþs music still has an airy, free-floating expansiveness permeating the doldrums-even when heþs singing about drowning his sorrows in liquor and drugs. a chorus comes along that levitates reality better than mere chemicals. Lanegan follows the grievance textbook inscribed in Big Starþs Third approach, but the songs have a mushy, tender vulnerability that veers away from a cut-and-dried wallow, making this recording suitable for even Those who donþt get a kick out of lingering depression. Cuts: "Woe," "Mockingbirds," "Down In The Dark," "Eyes Of A Child" and the title track.” (CMJ)

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