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Walkabouts: Trail Of Stars - Hilfe

Walkabouts - Trail Of Stars

Cover von Trail Of Stars
Trail Of Stars

Erstveröffentlichung 01.01.2000
Format DoLP
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Die nötige Distanz zu den Walkabouts und ihren Veröffentlichungen zu haben fällt schwer. Dazu sind sie uns als Menschen und Musiker einfach zu sehr ans Herz gewachsen und aus einer anfänglich symphatischen Geschäftsbeziehung ist Freundschaft geworden.


Back home then. One of the most graceful bands of our time has (re-)found its ideal business complementary to realize their musical ideas after their two-albums co-operation with a major record company. These circumstances are often readily referred to as ""excursions"", but knowing the Walkabouts this expression implies too much of aiming conciseness and too little of passion. Two of the reasons leading to this co-operation's conclusion that by generating ""Devil's Road"" and ""Nighttown"" manifested former Sub Pop veterans' change from folkrock to melancholic urban pop.

1. Desert Skies
2. Straight To the Stars
3. Gold
4. Last Tears
5. Crime Story
6. Hightimes
7. Harvey´s Quote To Me
8. On The Day
9. Till I Reach You
10. Drown
11. No One The Wiser
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