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Woggles: Rock And Roll Backlash - Hilfe

Woggles - Rock And Roll Backlash

Cover von Rock And Roll Backlash
Rock And Roll Backlash

Label Wicked Cool
Erstveröffentlichung 30.10.2009
Format CD
Leider nicht verfügbar.

2007er Studio Album, produziert von Jeff Walls (ex-Guadalcanal Diary), aufgenommen in den Southern Culture On The Skids Studios in North Carolina.


„Little has changed in the group's approach, though a bit more British Invasion mixed with American garage invigorates the sound of these 12 originals. There is even a spaghetti Western throwback with reverbed guitar and mariachi trumpet ("El Toro"). Occasional horns on a few other tracks also prove that different ingredients added to their established jittery rock & roll stew can bring much needed spice to the concoction. Lead singer the Professor Mighty Manfred is in fine trashy shape, as is the foursome's recent guitarist, known only as Flesh Hammer. Songs such as "Time of My Own" and the title track boast singalong hooks and lyrics that veer toward the members' obvious love of an earlier time and their dedication to saving the purity of rock & roll. You won't need any convincing that they are up to the task after one spin of this raw, rollicking slab of retro-rocking. It's a trip back to the '60s when the Standells, the Seeds, and all the other bands on the Nuggets collection were making music that might have seemed disposable at the time but is now considered classic. Add The Woggles to that pack, because they are every bit as committed, brash, and raw -- and Rock and Roll Backlash is all the evidence you need.“ (AMG 4 Sterne)

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