Cocktail Slippers: Mastermind - Hilfe

Cocktail Slippers - Mastermind

Cover von Mastermind
Cocktail Slippers

Label Wicked Cool
Erstveröffentlichung 30.10.2009
Format CD
Lieferzeit 1 – 3 Werktage
Preis 5,00 € (inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

2007er Debut des norwegischen All Girl Quintetts, das irgendwo zwischen den Runaways und Shangri Las ihre Heimat verortet.


„Musically, the Slippers cross the two bands' styles as well, oftentimes mixing harmony-laced pop with rough-and-ready rock & roll -- and never more so than on "Hard to Do," where the group indeed evokes the Go-Go's, albeit backed by the Stooges. "Starlet Cole" is just as raucous, but in a more classic '70s rock mode, while "Dance" steps back into the previous decade. And the Slippers slip comfortably into the '60s, be it the garage-psych sound of "Give It to Me" and "My Man," or the pretty jangly pop of "Who You Are." Yet they sound just as at home in the post-punk terrain of "Sunday" and "Stop," and even in the Ramones-lashed land of the anthemic "Hey." Good girls may garner the compliments of the adult world, but every teen idolizes and adores the bad girls, a truism that's held from the '60s on. And so the Slippers swagger straight across the decades, paying tribute to the rebels of yore, with a sound as fresh as today.“ (AMG 4 ½ Sterne)

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