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John Lee Hooker: Chill Out - Hilfe

John Lee Hooker - Chill Out

Cover von Chill Out
John Lee Hooker
Chill Out

Label Concord
Erstveröffentlichung 13.10.2016
Format CD
Lieferzeit 4 – 7 Werktage
Preis 8,95 € (inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

75 wurde der Mann bei diesem `95er Album. Carlos Santana taucht hier einen Song in Latinfarben. Mit Blues hat das wenig zu tun. Wer es unverwässert liebt, der kommt allerdings gerade mit dieser Platte voll auf seine Kosten. Gut die Hälfte spielt der Meister allein oder schlicht im Duo mit akustischen und Slidegitarren. Auch ein Orgel-getragener Slow Blues darf nicht fehlen. Und illustre Gäste wie Van Morrison und Orgellegende Booker T. Jones ließen sich die Geburtsttagssesseion auch nicht entgehen.

Remastered und mit 2 Bonustracks Down So Low und Fire Down Below.


Chill Out was Hookerþs fourth album since his triumphant comeback began in 1989 with The Healer. Produced by Roy Rogers, the titletrack features long time supporter Carlos Santana and his band. Van Morrison further cements their long-standing friendship with a duet on“Medley: Serves Me Right To Suffer/Syndicator.” Charles Brown and his band join in on “Kiddio” and “Annie Mae.”
„When youþre an American treasure like John Lee Hooker, having already made over 100 LPs, it doesnþt take much to make a record. Call up a few of your friends (Van Morrison, Carlos Santana) have a couple of bottles of the best bourbon sent to the studio, spool up the tape and just cut it. Chill Out , the latest John Lee Hooker outing of his modern recording era (which began with the acclaimed The Healer), finds Hook once again in the company of famous friends, still pumping out his primordial, growling, brooding blues. Unlike many other veteran bluesmen, however, Hooker seems to make music thatþs deeper and more elemental with each new release: while the other musicians play updated sounds around him, heþs distilled his own contributions down to their very essence, to where each groan, moan and strum packs even more harrowing blues wallop then they probably did 20 so years ago. Among the high points this time out arethe spooky "Deep Blue Sea" and the medley of "Serve Me Right To Suffer"/"Syndicator." Also check the magical "Woman On My Mind," which features Hook unplugged, alone, at his most undeniably powerful, as cold as ice in a hit manþs bourbon glass.” (CMJ)>/b>

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