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Black Crowes: Cabin Fever - Hilfe

Black Crowes - Cabin Fever

Cover von Cabin Fever
Black Crowes
Cabin Fever

Label Silver Arrow
Erstveröffentlichung 01.12.2009
Format DVD
Lieferzeit 2 – 3 Wochen
Preis 17,95 € (inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand)

Dokumentation zum Before The Frost... Until The Freeze Album. Das wurde ja in fünf Tagen quasi live vor einem kleinen Publikum in Levon Helm’s Studio in Woodstock eingespielt und die DVD legt optisch Zeugnis davon ab.


Cabin Fever was an innovative recording session where Before The Frost... Until The Freeze was recorded over a series of five nights at Levon Helm Studios. The sessions were filmed in front of an intimate live audience and allows the viewer into the recording studio with the band. Songwriting sessions are revealed and lots of never before seen banter and behind the scenes footage is shown. Chris Robinson had this to say about the Cabin Fever sessions:
"I think we fulfilled a musical commitment to continue on the golden road of artistic independence. Approaching 20 years into our careers, we still are ambitious enough to push ourselves to create something unique that we have never done before."
As The Black Crowes approach the upcoming 20th anniversary of their release of one of rockþs most influential records, Shake Your Money Maker, which produced such hits as Jealous Again, She Talks To Angels and Hard to Handle, they are time and again hailed as one of Rock and Rollþs best live acts.
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