Allman Brothers Band: Beacon Theater 3/13/09 - Hilfe

Allman Brothers Band - Beacon Theater 3/13/09

Cover von Beacon Theater 3/13/09
Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theater 3/13/09

Label Hittin' The Note
Erstveröffentlichung 18.09.2009
Format 3CD
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Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? This show highlighted the old-school blues side of the band, with guests Bruce Willis, Boz Scaggs and the Asbury Jukes Horns contributing significantly to the vibe. One departure from that was the second appearance of “New Instrumental,” solidifying its place in the rotation and providing some jazzy counterpoint to a non-stop blues and soul explosion that rocked the roof off the Beacon!
Boz Scaggs was one of several guests at this year’s Beacon run who played with Duane Allman, and this version of “Loan Me A Dime” rivals the legendary version that Boz cut with Skydog. Scaggs also sings his heart out on “Sick and Tired” and “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City,” as well as adding a lot to the Dylan classic “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry,” a new addition to the ABB catalog. Add the raw power of the Asbury Jukes horns, and you have a mini-set of epic proportions, with the Allmans transformed into the world’s greatest rhythm and blues revue.
Bruce Willis is known to most as an actor, but he can blow a mean blues harp, as he shows on “One Way Out” and “Smokestack Lightning.” As always, some of the best moments featured just the core ABB, like the awe-inspiring “Whipping Post” encore, which contains some of Derek’s most blindingly brilliant guitar work. A can’t miss show!

Midnight Rider
Donþt Keep Me Wonderinþ
Done Somebody Wrong
New Instrumental
Into The Mystic *
One Way Out $
Smokestack Lightning $
Southbound *#
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry %
Sick and Tired *%
Ainþt No Love In The Heart Of The City *%
Loan Me A Dime *%
The Same Thing *&
Wasted Words
No One To Run With
Encore: Whipping Post
* = w/ The Asbury Jukes Horns (Richie Rosenberg “La Bamba”: Trombone, Eddie Manion: Baritone Sax, John Berry: Trumpet, Chris Anderson: Trumpet, Joey Stann: Tenor Sax)
$ = Bruce Willis, harmonica
% = Boz Scaggs, guitar and vocals
# = James Van De Bogert, drums
& = Joe Bellia, drums
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