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Spoon: Girls Can Tell - Hilfe

Spoon - Girls Can Tell

Cover von Girls Can Tell
Girls Can Tell

Erstveröffentlichung 01.03.2001
Format LP
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Das zweite Signing auf 12XU ist die aus Austin, Texas stammende Band Spoon. 11 mal Pop zwischen Pixies, Sonic Youth und Elvis Costello.


“Itþs only February, but one of 2001þs best rock albums has already arrived, with a wealth of pop songwriting and instrumental acumen that sets the bar intimidatingly high. Girls Can Tell þs opening track, the trance-inducing "Everything Hits At Once" - with its meticulously sculpted hook and warm production - sounds like a classic on first listen. In fact, somewhere, a major-label A&R guy is kicking himself for letting this band go two years ago. Spoonþs industry woes have been well-documented. The Texas trio went from assorted 7-inch singles to a debut on Matador Records to a brief one-album stint with Elektra. Its future looked uncertain until Merge took the band under its wing. Behind all the drama, however, frontman Britt Daniel was fully sublimating his influences, transforming an obvious love of Black Francis and Elvis Costello into his own distinct musical voice, which might just be a future touchstone itself. Among the many high points on Girls Can Tell: the mounting tension of "Believing Is Art," the taut groove of "The Fitted Shirt," the new wave bounce of "Take A Walk," the gentle mellotron on "1020 AM," and Danielþs idiosyncratic delivery on "Take The Fifth."” (CMJ)

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