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Saint Etienne - Places To Visit

Cover von Places To Visit
Saint Etienne
Places To Visit

Label Sub Pop
Erstveröffentlichung 01.12.2000
Format CD
Leider nicht verfügbar.

6-Track-CD mit Studiooutakes.


“On its 1998 album Good Humor, British trio Saint Etienne embraces its penchant for the melodies and musical sensibilities of the þ60s. The six-track Places To Visit EP signals a return to the unitþs hallmark retro-pop origins, littered with acid house textures and electronically erected ambiance. On most cuts, vocalist Sarah Cracknell, whose singing is at once captivatingly classic and ethereally contemporary, bridges the bandþs past to its future. Even when Cracknell is silent on several instrumental tracks, the musicians do a fine job of constructing a post-modern techno-pop feel. This celebrated outfit remains as on-point as ever, a lengthy seven years into its game. Bravo.” (CMJ)

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